The birds were starving, Wanting to feed their young. They were looking for any food to eat. The Birds swooped down and caught a worm in it's mouth. Then they spotted a small rodent and the birds ran it down with their sharp talent's  It was going very wrong! People didn't know what to do or didn't want interfere  with what was happening. They people decided to bring in a feeding tank. The tank  brought lots of food so the hunger would stop. People waited.  Do you think the hunger will stop? Why or why not? Will everything be normal?

Walker, Joe. movement.jpg. 6/12/11. Pics4Learning. 4 Jun 2013
Miss Barnett Team 100WC

An interesting twist on the 100WC Alex. I like how you ask the reader questions to engage them with your story. Perhaps you could have set the scene at the beginning by explaining how many birds were in your story? Was it a huge flock attacking the city? That's what I can imagine now after reading your story.
p.s I also enjoyed reading about your dinosaur trip! :)


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