Liberty science center is great. It is a great place to learn and to have fun. I enjoyed my trip and thought is was fantastic.
 Once we got to liberty science center we went on a train that told us about deceases. We learned about a woman that had hiv and she was poor so she couldn't get medicine our breast feed her baby. a couple years later she didn't have hiv  and her baby wasn't sick. We also learned about Tuberculosis, and many more deceases.

Later I went to the lab. At the lab we  put on a coat googols and went to our  station. There we had liquids we had to work with. Then there were directions on a computer that we followed when we mixed some potions together some of them changed color and some didn't. The person running the station said this is how doctors determine if a person is sick. If the liquid changed color that means it is negative (the person isin't sick.) If the liquid cganged color it is positive ( the person is sick.)

Next we watched a movie called Sammy's escape. In this movie to turtles were caught and taken to a homages tank where they keep the sea animals safe. When the two turtles got in the big tank the other fishes wanted to leave and the turtles did to so they put lots of oil into the tank and the sea animals faked their death. Then the people decided to dump the fish and water in the ocean. After the turtles got away they swam home to their family. The environmental message is to not to interfere with nature, only if it is an emergency.

You should visit liberty science center because you could learn a lot and have lots of fun and remember to enjoy your stay. Did any of your family members get Tuberculosis?
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