I have a bunch of favorite things that I love. I will have to narrow it down to ten so it might be little hard to do.

1. My first favorite thing to do is going biking when the warm weather comes out, and my family would join too. We would enjoy the warm weather and it would be great exercise  and we would be healthy. Another reason why bikes are one of my favorite is I know how to do tricks on it. Last year when my brother and I were coming home and my brother dared me to do a wheely and I did it but it didn’t get to high.

2. I have two favorite pets, a dog and fish. Currently I have a couple fish at home and I have two dogs in Greece. I didn’t see the two dogs yet because they were newborns. The fish I have at home are gold fish and community fish.  We have two tanks, the goldfish is my brother’s tank and the community fish is in my tank. In my opinion fish and dogs are great pets.

3. Another thing I like is my Ipad. My I pad is light weight and its really easy to use. I could watch movies, check edmodo, play games, and more. I still have the Ipad three but I can’t wait to get the mini Ipad. The ipad is also great for taking videos and taking pictures. The pictures and videos come out really clear. Also Steve jobs, the creator of apple products has worked really hard to success. Sadly Steve Jobs past away but a replacement is doing just as great.


4. Also I love to play checkers. I’m a master at it. No one can beat me. I practice playing with my brother everyday after school. Checkers is a easy game to learn. I learned the game when I was eight years old. My friend Jeremiah tought it to me in third grade at my old school. At first I thought I wouldn’t like the game but I really do.

5. Swimming is lots of fun! Near where I live there is a gym that has an Olympic pool and I swim there every weekend. I learned How to swim with speed and how to dive really deep in the water. When I was at the pool on satuday I was is the 12 feet zone and I was able to put my knees on the 12 feet floor. When I came out of the water I was surprised. From that day on I knew nothing could stop me. I was motivated to swim like a champ.

6. I love cars! They are one of my favorite things. My two most liked cars is the ssc tatora and the Lamborghini. Both cars can reach up to 600 horse power! That’s amazing! When My family and I were visiting relatives I saw A car dealer full of these cars so I visited it and took a picture of me right next to the car. It was so cool. I loved visiting the car dealer.

7. A Hobby of mine that I enjoy doing birdwatching and making bird houses. For me I thinks it’s nice and peaceful. I used to have 2 finches that are tipes of birds and having those birds was really fun. I had to take lots of care of them. It was lots Of work but i was worth it and I know it.

8. I also enjoy fishing. Fishing is a really great sport. When I was visiting my uncle we had to wake up at 5am to go fishing. I caught about  6 fish. I remember that the fishers next to us caught a turtle but they had to throw it back. My uncle caught a couple cat fish. The cat fish didn’t die for about 3 Hours.

9. My favorite food is pasta. I love pasta salads also. This food is high in wheat. It is a very popular food throughout the world  It is easy to cook and takes 10-15  minutes to prepare.

10. My favorite fruir is kiwi. It tastes great! It is a great fruit to have any day and anytime. It has hundreds of tiny seeds that are tasteless.

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