In my opinion I think you need to have confident ,bravery , and to be generous to become a hero. For example if there was a fire the hero would need bravery to put it out. some examples of heroism is saving someone from drowning, taking you away from a fire, preventing a car crash, and stopping a bank robber. some heroes are police , paramedics, doctors, and firefighters. The kind of qualities a hero possess  is being helpful, kind, strong, and quick  to stop criminals. Heroes should act kind and helpful to show really that they are heroes. My hero is my big brother. He is my hero because he saved me from drowning. Kelly, Colleen. buffalofireboat.jpg. 2012. Pics4Learning. 22 Apr 2013 <>[/caption]
5/13/2013 10:26:29

Dear Alex,
You are right! Heroes are police officers and firefighters! Read my post and make a comment about what you think!


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