There is a bunch of things I love that are
under a dollar. It will be  hard to narrow it down to ten things so I will
do my best

1. I love fish! When I go to the pet store I would go to the gold fish and
the price for a gold fish is 10 cents. It is very cheap and the fish live long.
When I buy the fish I buy them when they are new borns so I can have them for a
long time and enjoy them. I will also get to see the fish grow up to adult fish.
I also have one that is  pregnant   and I am waiting for the

2. The second thing I love is a lollipop that is 99 cents and it tastes
great. It also lasts long because it big and juicy. I will be sucking on it
all day trying to finish the lollipop.  I really enjoy the
lollipop and I think it is a great candy.

3. I also love markers. I can do lots of art with markers and make it look
great. It also passes time when I use markers and it is cheap. Markers coast 99
cents and I can buy them from the dollar store that is not far from where I
live. To me markers are fun to use and make great art.

4. Paint is very cheap too. When I go to the dollar store I can buy paint for 99
cents. Paint is great. I can do lots of art for a little price. I sometimes use
those paints for projects and it turns out great. paint is very helpful and i
need it. It is a good thing it is not expensive.

5. I also love gum. It’s flavor lasts all day and can help me relax. Studies
show that it also helps people concentrate during tests.

6. I always loved the holiday and birthday cards availible at the
dollar store. They are great for buying at last minute.

7. I also like the baby wipes since they are great for cleaning your hands when
in a rush.

8. I also like the helium balloons since they are great for partys and are

9. I like the chips and other snacks at the dollar store, and some are healthy.

10. Lastly I like the stickers since they look cool and are really cheap.


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