The light was so bright it shined in my eyes. I started waking up and found myself tied up to a chair. A man came up to me and said 'we are going to use animal experiments. As the man left to go get his supplies, I thought of a way to escape. Just then, I remembered I had a fire watch on my hand. I struggled to press the button and I pressed it. I aimed it  at the rope and burned it. I saw an air vent hoping I could make it.

will I be Able To Escape?
Wolfe. lincolnchair.jpg. July, 2003. Pics4Learning. 18 Jun 2013
No, no no! Cried the zookeeper when he went outside to see what was happening. The zookeeper saw a deil monster chasing the animas. "Stop chasing my animals devil monster, and dont harm them please!" cried the zookeeper. The zookeeper unleashed a strong gust of wind using a magic trick, in an attempt to blow the devil monster away! But instead, the monster stayed in place by using its claws. The devil monster attempted to strike the giraffes but the zookeeper frose him and brought the animals to safety. will the devil monster revive?

Liberty science center is great. It is a great place to learn and to have fun. I enjoyed my trip and thought is was fantastic.
 Once we got to liberty science center we went on a train that told us about deceases. We learned about a woman that had hiv and she was poor so she couldn't get medicine our breast feed her baby. a couple years later she didn't have hiv  and her baby wasn't sick. We also learned about Tuberculosis, and many more deceases.

Later I went to the lab. At the lab we  put on a coat googols and went to our  station. There we had liquids we had to work with. Then there were directions on a computer that we followed when we mixed some potions together some of them changed color and some didn't. The person running the station said this is how doctors determine if a person is sick. If the liquid changed color that means it is negative (the person isin't sick.) If the liquid cganged color it is positive ( the person is sick.)

Next we watched a movie called Sammy's escape. In this movie to turtles were caught and taken to a homages tank where they keep the sea animals safe. When the two turtles got in the big tank the other fishes wanted to leave and the turtles did to so they put lots of oil into the tank and the sea animals faked their death. Then the people decided to dump the fish and water in the ocean. After the turtles got away they swam home to their family. The environmental message is to not to interfere with nature, only if it is an emergency.

You should visit liberty science center because you could learn a lot and have lots of fun and remember to enjoy your stay. Did any of your family members get Tuberculosis?
McElwee, Holly. bullet1.jpg. October 2006. Pics4Learning. 9 Jun 2013 <>
When the school busses were outside of our school we Knew the adventure would start! All of us got are lunch bags and were ready to go on the bus. The bus was full of kids and was really hot but the drive was not long. Once we got to our destination we all came out of the bus and entered the dinosaur place. While we were walking in the place had a show waiting for us. We all sat down and a man started singing. After that  a man in a dinosaur suit came out and started scaring everyone. Then we got a guid that showed us around. We were able to see engineered robots that were made to look like dinosaurs. We were able to see many tipes of dinosaurs like T-rex And velociraptor and many more. Later in the day  we went to a small show with fans and air condition. It felt great. Then a woman came out and started talking about dinosaurs. She said that paleontologist call dinosaur poop copralite. Also she showed us some dinosaur fossils. Next we went to a small play area where there were    small pieces of plastic that connected together. I thought it was a little boring, but then we sat on some stones and we asked him questions. My question was the comodo dragen living back then with the dinosaurs and his answer was yes. He also told us that the brachiosaurus wasent real, he said the wrong head on the wrong body. At 12:30 we went to lunch and it was refreshing. I drank all my cold water and food. They were also selling iceies and hotdogs. The last part was the gift shop. They had many things but I didn’t get anything. Then we all loaded on the buss and left. When we arrived at school we all left the buss and got our things ready. At the end everyone had a great time.  Would you like to go here?
Cauchy, Diane. dinosue2.jpg. 2006. Pics4Learning. 2 Jun 2013
Hagemann, Judy. velociraptor.jpg. August 6, 2005. Pics4Learning. 2 Jun 2013
Carey, Chris. dino01.jpg. 6/5/1996. Pics4Learning. 2 Jun 2013
The birds were starving, Wanting to feed their young. They were looking for any food to eat. The Birds swooped down and caught a worm in it's mouth. Then they spotted a small rodent and the birds ran it down with their sharp talent's  It was going very wrong! People didn't know what to do or didn't want interfere  with what was happening. They people decided to bring in a feeding tank. The tank  brought lots of food so the hunger would stop. People waited.  Do you think the hunger will stop? Why or why not? Will everything be normal?

Walker, Joe. movement.jpg. 6/12/11. Pics4Learning. 4 Jun 2013
As the sun rose up, the sun was glimmering in my eyes while I was sleeping in my tent. I woke up and heard the birds tweet and the frogs croak. Then a shadow showed up on my tent door. It was the state police! They were after me because someone framed me from robbing a bank. I was willing to do anything to get out of here. Just then the state police man said get out of there and A bullet swished throw my tent. Bang! Bang! I opened my tent door and tackled the Police man running away! 

First one up is the student audit done by Erica. The kidblog

1. What were your first impressions of this blog?

Erice thought it was interesting from the pictures and the description of the things.

2. What captured your attention?

The avatar caught her attention and the pictures and the videos. She liked that I put links to to many blog and good vocabulary.

3. What distracted you?

The categories distracted her. Fix the bold size.

4. What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

Add to my side bar, like my pet. Add to categories.

Now it’s the weebly From Erica’s thought.

1. what were your first impressions of this blog?

She thought the design was good and the picture. She also liked that I changed the color of my words.

2. What captured your attention?

The picture was okay. The colors of the letters were perfect and my blog roll had all the students.

3. What distracted you on the blog?

The author side bar was empty. Size the letters and more blogs.

4. What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

Add more to side bar. Try to change writing style.

Now its my Mom’s turn to show what she thinks of my kidblog.

1. What were your first impressions of this blog.

Mom thought it was creative and informational.

2. What captured your attention?

Mom saw many videos an pictures and everything was on topic. Also the flag counter and my avatar caught her attention.

3. What distracted you on the blog?

Mom said nothing distracted her.

4. What suggestions can you give to improve my blog?

She said that I should blog more times a week and add a virtual pet.

Now its my Mom’s turn to show what she thinks of my Weebly.

1. What were your first impressions of this blog.

Mom thought that it was ver informative and eye catching.

2. What captured your attention?

She said that the many pictures on the page caught her attention.

3. What distracted you on the blog?

There were not a lot of pictures which made the page look empty.

4. What suggestions can you give to improve my blog?

She said to add more pictures, put more color, and fill up the side bar.

Now its Ms. Greene’s turn to show what she thinks of my kidblog.

1. What were your first impressions of this blog.

She thought it was awesome and she learned a lot about blogs.

2. What captured your attention?

THe first thing that cought her attention was the post about the ten best things under a dollar.

3. What distracted you on the blog?

She found the prezi distracting.

4. What suggestions can you give to improve my blog?

There should be instructions on how to use the blog.

Now its my Ms Greene’s turn to show what she thinks of my Weebly.

1. What were your first impressions of this blog.

She thought it was amazung and she learned a lot.

2. What captured your attention?

The headlines captured her attention.

3. What distracted you on the blog?

Some vocabulary words were hard to understand.

4. What suggestions can you give to improve my blog?

No Suggestions

I have a bunch of favorite things that I love. I will have to narrow it down to ten so it might be little hard to do.

1. My first favorite thing to do is going biking when the warm weather comes out, and my family would join too. We would enjoy the warm weather and it would be great exercise  and we would be healthy. Another reason why bikes are one of my favorite is I know how to do tricks on it. Last year when my brother and I were coming home and my brother dared me to do a wheely and I did it but it didn’t get to high.

2. I have two favorite pets, a dog and fish. Currently I have a couple fish at home and I have two dogs in Greece. I didn’t see the two dogs yet because they were newborns. The fish I have at home are gold fish and community fish.  We have two tanks, the goldfish is my brother’s tank and the community fish is in my tank. In my opinion fish and dogs are great pets.

3. Another thing I like is my Ipad. My I pad is light weight and its really easy to use. I could watch movies, check edmodo, play games, and more. I still have the Ipad three but I can’t wait to get the mini Ipad. The ipad is also great for taking videos and taking pictures. The pictures and videos come out really clear. Also Steve jobs, the creator of apple products has worked really hard to success. Sadly Steve Jobs past away but a replacement is doing just as great.


4. Also I love to play checkers. I’m a master at it. No one can beat me. I practice playing with my brother everyday after school. Checkers is a easy game to learn. I learned the game when I was eight years old. My friend Jeremiah tought it to me in third grade at my old school. At first I thought I wouldn’t like the game but I really do.

5. Swimming is lots of fun! Near where I live there is a gym that has an Olympic pool and I swim there every weekend. I learned How to swim with speed and how to dive really deep in the water. When I was at the pool on satuday I was is the 12 feet zone and I was able to put my knees on the 12 feet floor. When I came out of the water I was surprised. From that day on I knew nothing could stop me. I was motivated to swim like a champ.

6. I love cars! They are one of my favorite things. My two most liked cars is the ssc tatora and the Lamborghini. Both cars can reach up to 600 horse power! That’s amazing! When My family and I were visiting relatives I saw A car dealer full of these cars so I visited it and took a picture of me right next to the car. It was so cool. I loved visiting the car dealer.

7. A Hobby of mine that I enjoy doing birdwatching and making bird houses. For me I thinks it’s nice and peaceful. I used to have 2 finches that are tipes of birds and having those birds was really fun. I had to take lots of care of them. It was lots Of work but i was worth it and I know it.

8. I also enjoy fishing. Fishing is a really great sport. When I was visiting my uncle we had to wake up at 5am to go fishing. I caught about  6 fish. I remember that the fishers next to us caught a turtle but they had to throw it back. My uncle caught a couple cat fish. The cat fish didn’t die for about 3 Hours.

9. My favorite food is pasta. I love pasta salads also. This food is high in wheat. It is a very popular food throughout the world  It is easy to cook and takes 10-15  minutes to prepare.

10. My favorite fruir is kiwi. It tastes great! It is a great fruit to have any day and anytime. It has hundreds of tiny seeds that are tasteless.

I know 10 really amazing games that are educational and that are fun for you.

1.I think  games would be  a great website because it’s for all grades and  you can play crazy taxi with addition, multiplication, and subtraction 

2. Second, I think would be fine for students to use it because you could race other students to get correct answer and there would be a winner. Also it would increase students’ knowledge.

3. Third, I think  would be a fun and kids would be able to learn math and many more.

4. Fourth, another great website is www.eduplace,com. There you could learn how to spell words you might  not know and you could learn math and language arts. 

5.Fith , I think  is an amazing website because it has difficult problems to solve with multiplication and many more.

6. Another great website is I think this website is great because it will give you a challenge and you have to beat the clock.

7.Also this is another fantastice website On this website you could learn about health class, educational songs , and many more.

8.Eighth, another great website for multiplication is this one . This website will train you in multiplication and will make you a pro at it.

9 Furthermore this is another good website for math In this we3bsite you will increase your math learning by playing the game and learning about it by playing challenges.

10.Lastly,This website will help you with division, addition,multiplication, and subtraction