When the school busses were outside of our school we Knew the adventure would start! All of us got are lunch bags and were ready to go on the bus. The bus was full of kids and was really hot but the drive was not long. Once we got to our destination we all came out of the bus and entered the dinosaur place. While we were walking in the place had a show waiting for us. We all sat down and a man started singing. After that  a man in a dinosaur suit came out and started scaring everyone. Then we got a guid that showed us around. We were able to see engineered robots that were made to look like dinosaurs. We were able to see many tipes of dinosaurs like T-rex And velociraptor and many more. Later in the day  we went to a small show with fans and air condition. It felt great. Then a woman came out and started talking about dinosaurs. She said that paleontologist call dinosaur poop copralite. Also she showed us some dinosaur fossils. Next we went to a small play area where there were    small pieces of plastic that connected together. I thought it was a little boring, but then we sat on some stones and we asked him questions. My question was the comodo dragen living back then with the dinosaurs and his answer was yes. He also told us that the brachiosaurus wasent real, he said the wrong head on the wrong body. At 12:30 we went to lunch and it was refreshing. I drank all my cold water and food. They were also selling iceies and hotdogs. The last part was the gift shop. They had many things but I didn’t get anything. Then we all loaded on the buss and left. When we arrived at school we all left the buss and got our things ready. At the end everyone had a great time.  Would you like to go here?
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