The light was so bright it shined in my eyes. I started waking up and found myself tied up to a chair. A man came up to me and said 'we are going to use animal experiments. As the man left to go get his supplies, I thought of a way to escape. Just then, I remembered I had a fire watch on my hand. I struggled to press the button and I pressed it. I aimed it  at the rope and burned it. I saw an air vent hoping I could make it.

will I be Able To Escape?
Wolfe. lincolnchair.jpg. July, 2003. Pics4Learning. 18 Jun 2013


Kathy @ Team 100WC
06/20/2013 4:06pm

Wow Alex, what an exciting story! It reminded me of something like James Bond, especially the part about having a fire watch. I love how you posed a question at the end of your story, and the picture is a nice touch. Nice work, and well done.

07/03/2013 10:12am

I really liked your story but next time try and use some different openers because in the end I got a little bit bored of the same openers but other than that nice try! :)


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